Why Wearing Socks In Bed May Be Good For Your Health

Why Wearing Socks In Bed May Be Good For Your Health

Whether or not to wear socks to bed is a surprisingly divisive subject. Anecdotal evidence (me, polling my friends) suggests that people fall firmly into one of two camps in the socks-in-bed debate/schism. The first being that socks should be worn around the house, but NEVER, EVER in bed. This stance is usually accompanied by a hard, righteous stare. The second, opposing group insist in an equally dogmatic fashion that wearing a pair of soft socks in bed is the ultimate in sleep-time indulgence. 

Socks in Bed

There is some evidence to suggest that, personal preference aside, wearing socks for sleep might be beneficial to your health and to your sleep quality. 

  • Wearing a soft, loosely fitted sock in bed aids a process called distal vasodilation, which increases blood circulation to your feet. 
  • Increased blood circulation allows your body to get rid of heat faster, meaning that your core body temperature will cool down more quickly.
  • This is a signal to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep, making your body relax and helping you fall asleep. 

So paradoxically, wearing socks to bed actually cools you down rather than overheating you. Overheating is one of the key disruptors to sleep and investing in natural, breathable pyjamas and bedding is the first step to a good night’s sleep. It would seem that the second is wearing a pair of soft and cozy bed socks. 

How to care for your socks 

Whether you are wearing them to bed or simply padding around the house in them, it’s worth caring for your bed socks properly. Whether made from lambswool or, as with our collection, alpaca wool, handwash or wash at 30 degrees (warm wash) on a gentle cycle with a dedicated wool detergent. Do not tumble dry. 

For more inspiration on natural home comforts, see our collection of linen bedding, cotton bedding, homeware and sleepwear

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