Which Winter Personality Are You?

Which Winter Personality Are You?

As we approach the end of the year, we've spotted a few new faces on the 'trending interiors block' that are likely to emerge even more so into the new year and beyond. Though trends come and go, and some are here much longer than others, it’s always fun to take inspiration from those that resonate and have yourself a little seasonal refresh.  

Over the last year or so our collections have echoed a love for nostalgia, infusing old and new and homewares that only get better with time and love. These three trends in particular reflect a similar story, so which of these winter personalities is a little more you?  

Gingerbread Girl 

Evoking the comfort of winter, Gingerbread Girl is a warm aesthetic, leaning into sweet details and caramel shades. Going hand in hand with the festivities, this spiced-inspired trend conjures up a whimsical feel and romanticises the delights that winter has to offer. Think crisp, cold days whilst you’re baking fresh cookies in your slouchy gingham pajamas, to later enjoy tucked under layers of cozy blankets and toffee-toned bedding 

Taupe linen bedding, gingham quilt and candle

Get the look: Taupe PlaidToffee Chambray and Warm Clay linen bedding, Botanical Green Gingham quilt (coming soon!) or Deep Teal Cabin Wool Blanket and a Campfire Candle (coming soon!).  

Grandpa Chic

Where nostalgia meets contemporary design, Grandpa Chic is all about infusing your space with characterful pieces that evoke feelings of comfort and fond memories but are bought into a modern context. This nostalgic trend mirrors elements within the Grandma-core trend that we all know and love but leans more toward masculine touches. Envisage your grandpa’s study, filled with antique books, a well-worn leather armchair and a snug knitted blanket.  

Check linen bedding, chambray linen bedding, socks and knit throw

Get the look: Natural PlaidFern Green and Teal Chambray linen bedding, Caramel Wool Knit Throw and Gray alpaca socks 

Aubergine Girl Autumn

A seasonal spin on Tomato Girl Summer, this eggplant-inspired-trend looks to warm purples and cozy reds with pink tones to complement the change in seasons. Creating a super cozy and feminine ambience, Aubergine Girl Autumn is inspired by the change in color palette that occurs as we transition into winter, leaning into a moodier aesthetic and evokes an atmosphere of elegance and mature style. 

Thistle Brushed cotton bedding, berry gingham trouser set and quilt, berry linen bedding

Get the look: Thistle flannel cotton beddingBerry linen beddingBerry Gingham Pajamas and quilts (coming soon!), and Cabin Wool Blankets 

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