Updating Your Bedroom for the Spring Season

Updating Your Bedroom for the Spring Season

Spring has well and truly sprung and we're excitedly making small, transitional changes to our home in celebration of the new season and in anticipation of the warmer months to come.  

Whether you’re looking to make subtle, seasonal updates to your home, or are looking for any excuse to redecorate entirely, these are our top tips for bringing that sunny serotonin boost into your homes (well bedrooms, because we’re biased).

Bedrooms In Bloom  

As cliché as they may be for spring, there’s no denying that florals do indeed have the intended effect of bringing instant joy into any room. Whether you’re embracing the ‘whimsycore’ trend with full-blown florals reminiscent of your Grandma’s English cottage, or are simply looking to bring the outside in with a gentle touch of Mother Nature, we’ve got you covered.  

Last spring we introduced our first ever floral collection inspired by two original prints found deep within The Design Library archives. Spring Sprig features a singular dainty sprig motif, while our Meadow range features a cluster of florals which have us dreaming of, well, a meadow! Combined with this season’s whimsy and ethereal The Land Of The Nod collection, you’ve got yourself a maximalist, Grandmillenial’s dream.  

Layer your bed linens the Piglet In Bed way - i.e. with sheer confidence and with a ‘more is more’ mindset. Ginghamsflorals and stripes work wonderfully together - the key is to use color as a visual thread to ensure the overall look is cohesive rather than chaotic.  

For the more minimalist amongst you, opt for floral accents - a Spring Sprig flat sheet or pair of pillowcases will add just the right amount of print to the room, without overwhelming your laid back aesthetic. Complete the room with a vase of fresh flowers or foliage bedside - the smell and sight of them when you wake up in the morning will bring you instant joy. Our go-to this time of year is Mimosa!  

Nature’s Palette 

Bid farewell to the darker tones of the cozy season and embrace the colorful palette that is synonymous with the spring season - it’ll brighten both your room, and your mood. The Land Of Nod couldn’t have arrived at a better time, with its gingham colourways emulating everything there is to love about springtime.


Choose from PistachioElderberry or Pink Bloom and mix and match with contrasting prints to achieve that effortless, layered look we know and love. If stripes are more your style, the Somerley Stripe in either Bluebell or Thyme will bring that cool-girl look to any bedroom, whilst still nodding to the change of season.  

Easy Breezy Bedding 

If you're someone who has the luxury of owning different duvets for different seasons, now might be the right time to swap out your heavy tog duvet for a lighter one in preparation for (or in manifestation of) the balmy nights ahead.


Our Merino Wool Duvet is available in a lighter 4-6 Tog and heavier 8-10 Tog, though either/or will work perfectly fine year-round. As a natural insulator, Merino wool is thermo-regulating, meaning it will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and ‘just right’ in spring’s temperamental temperatures.  

A Spring Clean  

With the arrival of a new season, we’re often met with an opportunity, and renewed inspiration, to re-evaluate, rearrange and rejuvenate lots of things in life, but most relevantly here, our interiors. Take this as a sign to embark on a spring clean - donate the things you no longer love, rearrange your furniture, update your decor and give your space a good declutter and clean - you’ll be amazed by how therapeutic this can be.


Treat yourself to a new candle or room mist to create that end-of-day ambience we so crave as we arrive home after a long day - coastal and country garden scents are particularly lovely this time of year, not to mention seriously soothing. 

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