How to achieve the Grandmillennial Trend

How to achieve the Grandmillennial Trend

Amidst interiors trends that have come and gone, the ‘grandmillennial trend’ is one we’re not willing to let slip through our tightly wound (but loving) grip. The granny chic interiors trend is synergy between a grandmother’s vintage style and a millennial’s outlook, resulting in a style that is teeming with nostalgia and a love for injecting life into tradition – exactly the premise of which our latest collection, ‘Chapter One: A Spring Fling in Sussex’, is based upon. Told you we’re here for it!

The trend bleeds through to more than just interiors and aesthetics, reflecting a desire among younger generations to slow down, appreciate the past, and incorporate elements of nostalgia into their lives. It's a way to find comfort, express creativity, and embrace a sense of timeless elegance in a rapidly changing world.

After a turbulent few years, it’s become apparent that our homes now provide more than just a roof over our heads. They've become sanctuaries, a place of escapism and expression; and their décor reflecting both familiarity and nostalgia. Grandmillennial is all about infusing old and new, to create a timeless aesthetic that evolves with you – think traditional design with the injection of updated colorways and fabrics. Here we’ll explore how you can incorporate this timeless trend into your home with our natural home comforts.

1. Embrace floral patterns:

Incorporate floral patterns into your home décor, such as floral wallpaper, upholstery and bedding. We updated two original floral prints from deep within The Design Library archives, resulting in ‘Spring Sprig' and 'Meadow'. Taking each design, we updated them for a home setting through a uniquely Piglet color palette, inspired by the rustic charm associated with classic English cottages. 'Spring Sprig' features a singular dainty sprig motif, while our 'Meadow' range features a cluster of florals, in three vintage hues. 

2. Mix vintage and modern furniture:

Blend antique or vintage furniture pieces with modern ones to create a unique aesthetic. Evoke a sense of tradition within your home with the addition family heirlooms and antiques alongside modern pieces – a great way to add sentimental value to your home, combining old and new.

 3. Opt for classic colors:

Choose a color palette that reflects a timeless feel. Avoid overly bold or vibrant colors when trying to achieve this look. You’ll find that soft pastels, muted tones, and warm neutrals work well in Grandmillennial décor as they evoke a sense of calm and comfort, much like fond memories spent at your grandmother's house.

4. Layer patterns and textures:

By mixing and matching contrasting patterns and textures, your space will reflect visual interest. You can combine floral prints, stripes and ginghams to create a nostalgic feel, alongside vintage-inspired wallpaper, artwork and textured rugs.

5. It's all in the details:

Choose classic lighting fixtures and opt for chandeliers, vintage-inspired lamps, or wall sconces with a timeless appeal. These fixtures can add an elegant touch to your Grandmillennial space. Decorative trims, tassels, or fringing will also set a tone for traditional-meets modern.

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