Six questions you didn’t know you needed answering before shopping for towels

Six questions you didn’t know you needed answering before shopping for towels

Skimpy towels are a thing of the past with our new bathroom collection, as each style is here to cocoon you and bring you that fresh-out-of-the-spa feeling. Our collection is made in Portugal, from 100% cotton and sourced in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative. These calming and serene shades are inspired by nature and designed to bring tranquillity to your bathroom, no matter what your style.

Investing in long-lasting, quality cotton is a real game changer when it comes to choosing the right towels. We’ve jotted down some Q&A’s worth pondering, if you need some advice before throwing in the towel. From small bathroom hanging hacks, to picking up the right color to suit your bathroom, we’ve got your back.

How do I wash my towels and bath mats?

  • We recommend washing and drying your towels before using them for the first time. This will remove any softeners that might remain on the towel from the finishing process, which can hinder absorbency.  
  • Machine wash on a warm wash with your chosen detergent. 
  • Avoid fabric softeners as they can reduce the absorbency of the towels. 
  • Towels can be tumble dried or air dried. 
  • Avoid bleach as this will lead to discoloration. 
  • Treat stains quickly with a targeted stain remover followed by a wash in the washing machine. 
  • Always store in a dry location. 

For more information about where our towels are sourced, made and towel terminology, head over to our All About Towels journal post.

How many towels do I need?

Realistically, the average earthling needs two bath towels at any one time; one that’s currently in use, and the other laundered, awaiting its turn to buff.

Come winter when the heating is on, there’s nothing better than warming your fluffy towel on the radiator, ready to envelope you once you’re out of a steaming shower - I call this the E.T.

I have a small bathroom, where do I hang wet towels?

If you’re having to be space conscious in your bathroom, here are some nifty space-saving ideas to optimize towel storage and drying:

  • Towel bar and rings
  • Back-of-the-door hooks
  • Optimize the wall space above your toilet; use hooks or rails for towel storage, that don’t compromise the space
  • Radiator racks 

I have a beige bathroom. What color towels are best?

The wonderful thing about having a neutrally colored space is it goes with pretty much everything. Opt for White towels, or Birch to keep your bathroom space full of neutral colors, or choose something a little bolder, such as OrchidWarm Blue or Botanical Green to introduce some vibrancy - you can even change them up periodically, for a seasonal refresh. 

Our range of towels are inspired by nature’s colour palette, so whether your bathroom is a nod to nauticals, a botanical green dream or crisp and white, our towel collection will fit the bill.

What size are Piglet bath towels?

Below are the dimensions for all of our towels and our bath mats:

Bath sheet or bath towel?

The main difference between these two is down to size; bath sheets are larger than bath towels, so if you prefer full coverage and to be enveloped, this is the one for you. Bath sheets measure: 39in x 59in, and our bath towels: 27in x 51in.

All of our towels are made in Portugal from 100% cotton and sourced in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative. They’re “Zero Twist” too, which ensures a high quality and plush feeling, with high absorbency. So, whichever size you choose, you’re guaranteed a luxurious wraparound experience.

See, I bet you’re glad you stumbled on this towel treasure trove!


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