How To Style Your Linen Bedding With Blogger, Gemma Louise

How To Style Your Linen Bedding With Blogger, Gemma Louise

Gemma Louise is a Yorkshire based self confessed 'home interiors addict' who originally started her liftstyle and interior blog whilst at University and has spent the past few years building a loyal following and showing the simple joys of interior styling. We asked Gemma for her top-tips on restyling your linen bedding for a New Year bedroom refresh using our Luna Stripe bedding set. Gemma shows you how versatile the bedding sets are and hopefully gives you the inspiration for your own bedroom make over. 


Effortless to Style

One of the best things about Linen bedding sets is that they are super easy to style, simply because they will never, ever be crease free. It’s just part and parcel of how linen looks and sits because the texture doesn’t have any natural elasticity so it can’t bounce back from being pressed into position. I absolutely hate feeling like I have to have perfectly flawless or ironed bedding, it’s just not for me. I love my home to look really cosy and lived in, and linen gives off that super homely, lived in look which is perfect for my home.

Luna Stripe bedding

Versatile With Texture

Linen looks good with everything, I have lots of different textures in my bedroom as you can see, from metals and wood, to other linen soft furnishings. It just fits in seamlessly with everything in the room and I love that about it. I have a couple of different sets of cushions that I like to style my bed with which are both soft, linen materials and it never looks like ‘too much linen’ either which you can often find with other materials.

Luna Stripe bedding

Adapts Well With Colour

I love how my Luna Stripe bedding works so well with different colours, I’ve styled it with light beige cushions that aren’t all that darker than the bedding itself and it looked like such a lovely and calming space. I also have some charcoal cushions that worked just as well, and I love the contrast they added to the space, especially with my black metal bed. I can also see some colour working well here, I do tend to stick to neutrals within my own home as that’s what I prefer, but some velvet green cushions would work beautifully with this set, don’t you think?

Luna Stripe bedding 

It Works Well When Layering

Linen is great for layering with which is another way that shows how effortless it is to style. You could layer it with different materials such as more linen like my linen bedspread, or you could use something made out of velvet or fur materials. I really think anything can go when it comes to layering it as it’s so soft and adaptable, that it just seems to fit in with everything. I think as we get more into winter, I’m going to pop my fluffy heated blanket on top and I can already see how cosy it’s going to look!


Styling It On It's Own

 The Luna Stripe set, I think, makes such a statement on it’s own that you don’t even really need any other colours with it, but if you like your room to be full of texture then it does work great with other colours and textures too as we’ve spoken about above. You can get the Piglet Linen Bedding as fitted sheets, duvet covers, standard pillow covers and square pillow covers. I have all 4, so even just adding in those extra big square cushions with the same pattern works really well as it adds some shape, even without other colours involved. I sometimes style my bed with the square cushions at the back, and sometimes with them in front, both styles work well. I would really recommend both sets of cushion covers to add some build, it makes all the difference, and makes it much more comfy too.

 Photography by Gemma Louise 

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