Fall Tablescaping

Fall Tablescaping

Late fall is my favorite season. Cozy nights have well and truly set in, layering season is in full swing and nature is settling into hibernation - as will I shortly... 

There’s nothing better than a little update to echo the changing seasons and make your home feel cozier than ever. There are countless ways to give your home a seasonal refresh, without having to redecorate. 

Tablescaping is a joyful way to bring in new textures and colors, and once you’ve got the bug, you’ll be hard pushed not to set the table at any chance you get. Kids got a good mark on their school work? Fetch the nice cutlery. Made it to the end of the week in one piece? Only the fancy glasses please. Finally ticked off that never-ending task on your to-do list? No disposable napkins at this table! And so you should. It’s important to celebrate the small moments and little wins in life. 

With our new range of table linens and styling tips on tablescaping, we hope to inspire you with our latest collection and show you how to elevate your everyday.


Choose your theme/color palette

If you’re laying the table for a specific occasion, you may want to give a nod to more traditional colours. For Thanksgiving for example, you could layer differing shades of fall to make for a striking combination.

You may wish to opt for a color scheme rather than a specific theme, which perhaps may be a little more flexible. Our gingham table linens are beautifully bold and brightly coloured - layer Warm Blue Napkins with a Warm Blue Table Runner for a striking look, or weave in Orchid to break it up. Or perhaps you may prefer a more neutral color palette, and so our classic linens might be more suitable, layering Oatmeal Stripe with Sage Green or Blueberry.


By adding differing textures to your table adds dimension and contrast - if for instance linen is your hero fabric, then add other textures and woven fabrics, such as rattan or velvet (hello Holiday Chic). Don’t be afraid to mix and match your dishes or glassware too, it can be a great way to inject more color and variation to your table. 

Napkins are another great option to add dimension to your tablescape. You can get really creative with folding/styling your napkins, from a simple knot to add height, to folding into novelty shapes such as Christmas Trees - the world of napkin origami is yours for the taking.

Don’t forget foliage

The addition of flowers and/or foliage is almost a non-negotiable when it comes to setting a beautiful table, but you don’t need to splurge to create something beautiful. Using clippings from your yard and popping into little bud vases interspersed with candles, arranged down the table is a simple way to inject color and add natural features. 

Bring the table to life with the addition of fresh foliage such as eucalyptus from your local florist, or cut some branches of fir or stems of rosemary from your back yard. This will bring a gorgeous scent to your dining area, as well as life to your tablescape. For a real nod to fall and Halloween, supermarkets sell the dinkiest pumpkins that make for beautiful table décor - how could you say no?!

Final touches

If you’re prepping the table for a special occasion, you could finish your table with handwritten place cards for a real personal touch. Candles are a must too - they’re a simple way to add height and instant ambience.  

Tablescaping is great fun, and you can be as creative as you like - anything goes!

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