Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas

The start of the new year often brings a sense of needing to have a bit of a clear out and declutter. After a hectic festive season, January is a great opportunity to set out intentions for the year ahead and personally, I find having a clear space around me aids my thought process to feel less foggy. 

Although a little reset this time of year naturally feels like the right thing to do, I’d suggest tasking yourself with a few smaller and more manageable tasks, but that still gives you that satisfaction when it comes to a little refresh. One task to tick off and give you a sense of accomplishment, could be to reorganise your bathroom. Below are some bathroom storage ideas on how to create more space and organization for your tiled room and get a dopamine hit - I know, thrill seeker over here.  

Spritz and shine 

You may have had guests over the festive season and feel the need for a deep clean to start afresh. I’m guilty of falling into a #cleanTok blackhole and feeling very accomplished, when in reality I’ve not moved and my bathroom is still calling out for a freshen-up. So, whack on those marigolds and give your bathroom a well-needed scrub and shine. 


Once your space is clean, I recommend having a clear out. Recycle any empty bottles and dispose of products you no longer use. That way, when you come to rearrange, you’re not finding places for items that aren’t within your personal-care routines.  

Create a section for shower essentials

Make space within your shower to store shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other essentials. You may already have an inbuilt shelf within your shower-wall, or alternatively there are plenty of storage options out there, depending on your desired style. If you’re feeling fancy, you could decant your regularly used products into glass bottles for a polished look. You may even have a refill shop nearby, to top up your shower essentials rather than having to buy plastic bottles every few months. 

Use baskets and bins

Woven baskets or bins are a great storage option. They’re fairly low-cost and there is an option for every style of bathroom out there. Perfect for face towels and small cosmetics, or roll large towels up and stack into a basket for a spa-like touch. 

Using bathroom walls

If you’re short on space, then optimise on wall areas within your bathroom. Shelving is a neat and efficient use of space, without compromising the remaining area. You could either choose open shelving and place your woven baskets or boxes on each shelf for easy access, or alternatively covered shelves for a minimal look. Hanging or mounted baskets are a great option for your small cosmetics too. Don’t forget to bring a little personality to your shelves with the addition of plants and candles to soften the look. 

Storage ladders

Storage ladders are another great option that also don’t compromise on floor space. Ideal for a more rustic looking bathroom, they’re a great way to hang and store towels and are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

You’ve now got a beautifully clear and clutter-free bathroom space, so ensure to fill it with essentials that make your space feel like a sanctuary. Candles and room mists will add instant ambience and a scent can really help to set the tone. Our towels are made in Portugal from ethically sourced cotton, in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative. With 9 colours to choose from across the collection and available in a range of sizes including washclothshand towelsbath towelsbath sheets, and bath mats, you can pick up all your bathroom textile needs, right here. And don’t forget bath robes and slippers for additional comfort and bathroom luxury! 

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