Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Now that we are a few weeks into the year (the last couple have been a bit of a warm up/limbering phase for me), I’m getting my head round that 2023 is underway. This time of year can often feel quite tough; the period that follows a full-on festive season, the weather notoriously gray and too few of those crisp, cold blue skies that we all long for. So, quite frankly I’m looking forward to brighter and celebratory days ahead. The next on our calendars:
Valentine’s Day. 

Historically, it’s a holiday associated with a dozen red roses, chocolates in heart shaped boxes and stuffed bears with big shiny eyes. And, although there will always be a place for this style of gifting, we’re advocates for thoughtful gestures and pressies that’ll last for years to come, and outlive those overpriced flowers. 

Though I strive to let my loved ones know how much I adore them on the daily, Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to spread a lil’ more love - and let’s face it, we could all do with feeling more of it. Whether you’re sending love from afar to a bestie who lives in the opposite hemisphere, your work-wife who is ‘so done’ with dating, or your soulmate who you simply cannot get enough of, we have some dream-worthy ideas that’ll go down a real treat and make them feel nothing but luuuurve.


Our pajamas are made from 100% European linen and are available in several shades and prints across the collection. At the top of our lists this Valentine’s are our gingham pajamas. Not only is our rich shade Berry perfect for all the lovers out there, this print is nothing but nostalgic and romantic. Available in matching sets, or mix separates with faithful basics; they’re the ultimate weekend slouchy or thoughtful gift for your special someone.

New Bed Linen

If you’re looking to outshine last year’s gift, then our bed linen is just the thing. Available in over 32 shades across both our Linen and Cotton collections, there is a fabric and colorway to suit any bedroom look. Choose an entire bundle for a show-stopping gift, or choose a new pair of pillowcases that’ll spark a different kind of pillow talk; look to these love-inspiring shades to refresh your bedding. 

Above left: Berry Gingham Short Set $135Men's Cherry Pajamas $135. Right: Merlot Linen Bundle, from $65

Cozy Layers

Not that you need an excuse to snuggle into the one you love, but we are still amidst the depths of winter and foregoing layers is not an option. So, get cozy and penguin huddle for additional comfort and warmth underneath our range of throws and woolen blankets. Choose from textured cotton and crinkled linen throws, to padded quilts and woolen blankets crafted in Yorkshire (UK), for a gift you can both enjoy. 

Thoughtful Scents

Scents and candles can be really powerful within the home, as they help to set the tone and pace of those that experience the smell. Candles are a failsafe gift and will always bring joy to the recipient as well as bringing a natural aroma and calming feels once lit. With three scents to choose from, our candles are hand-poured in the UK and are a blend of pure, natural soybean oil, rapeseed and beeswax - the perfect gift to make a special someone’s heart glow.  

Above left: Dark Amber & Vetivert Candle $19Right: Warm Blue Checked Stripe Woollen Blanket $149, Men's Botanical Green Gingham Pajamas $155

If you’re still having trouble choosing a gift, why not give the gift of choice with a Piglet Gift Card? Arriving straight to your inbox, our gift cards are a sure way to let the ones you love feel super special this Valentine’s Day. 

Happy Love Day!

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