3 Steps for Creating an Effortlessly Chic Bedroom

3 Steps for Creating an Effortlessly Chic Bedroom

The ‘effortless chic’ style trend is having a moment. It’s a concept we absolutely adore at Piglet in Bed since it champions a more laid-back approach, highlighting understated, quintessential designs that stand the test of time. If there were ever a trend made for us, this might just be it.

While appreciating and investing in timeless, high-quality pieces isn’t a new trend, the hashtag #EffortlessChic has been racking up millions of views on socials lately (and the ‘quiet luxury’ trend is still going strong, too). So, we thought it was about time to share some ideas on creating a subtly sophisticated and effortlessly chic bedroom using some of our favorite Piglet products.

1. Select a soothing, neutral color palette

Getting the color palette right is key to achieving the effortless chic look. It’s all about toned-back, calming neutrals that work as a simple canvas to build on. Take inspiration from nature, like the grounding beige and off-white tones found in sand, stone, and wood.

Since the main focal point in a bedroom is almost always the bed, it’s a good place to start. Staying with natural pigments, we have plenty of calming colorway options at Piglet in Bed. Opt for bedding in Oatmeal, White, Dove Gray, or Charcoal Gray in our Linen range, or choose between Parchment, White, or Stone for our Washed Cotton Percale bedding.

Above left: A mix of Dove Gray Linen bedding and White Linen bedding 

In keeping with the effortless chic trend (and in true Piglet style), adding a dash of color outside your basic palette helps to elevate the space and add interest to the otherwise neutral aesthetic. Richer tones work perfectly, like our Ochre Gingham Wool Blanket, or Botanical Green Waffle Cotton Throw.

2. Pick natural, high-quality materials

The effortless chic and quiet luxury trends both focus on using natural materials and timeless textiles with a less-is-more approach. It’s a nod to the days when quality was prioritized over fleeting styles.

For bedding, the aim is to incorporate layers of fabrics that add warmth and depth to a bedroom. Our laid-back linen bedding and relaxed cotton sheets are the perfect base for creating a sophisticated feel. We are big advocates of that lived-in look, so for authentic effortless chic, put the iron away and embrace low-maintenance living!

Above: Parchment Washed Cotton Percale bedding with Cove Blue Washed Cotton Percale Pillowcases

Creating high-quality, beautiful basics is at the heart of Piglet in Bed, so our linen bedding is made from 100% European flax, and our cotton is sustainably sourced in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative. All our bedding is OEKO-TEX certified, too, so you can be sure our materials are free from harmful chemicals.

If you’re adding texture, our Waffle Cotton Throws are made in Portugal from super soft cotton, while our cosy Wool Blankets are made in Yorkshire in the UK using traditional methods from the finest merino wool.

3. Invest in timeless, heirloom essentials

Choose products with a timeless style, and you know you’ll enjoy them for years to come. With that in mind, it’s worth investing in long-lasting pieces of the best possible quality so that even your basics feel luxurious and get better over time. Our linen bedding is made to last, and we like the idea that it will be passed down from generation to generation. Just make sure you follow our care guide, and it will continue to get softer after every wash.   

Above: White Washed Cotton Percale bedding with the Botanical Green Gingham Wool Blanket 

If you stick with a neutral color palette for your bedding essentials, you can easily give your bedroom a refresh by switching up the throws and cushions. Feeling bold? Go for something similar to Pantone’s Color of the Year, ‘Viva Magenta’ – a vibrant hue rooted in nature.

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