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Linen: the Ideal Summer Fabric

Falling asleep to the feel of the cooler evening air drifting through your bedroom window is something we look forward to every summer. There is, however, more to keeping cool at night than just sleeping with the windows open. The fabrics that you sleep in, from bed sheets to sleepwear, are key to a good night’s sleep, especially in the summer months, when we can all get a little uncomfortable. 

 Why linen?

Linen is the ultimate material for summer for the following reasons:

  • It’s super breathable, thanks to its natural long fibres that allow the air to circulate through and around the fabric.
  • It’s temperature-regulating: a fancy way of saying it cools you when you’re hot and warms you if you’re chilly.
  • Linen is moisture absorbent, keeping your skin delightfully dry all night long.
  • With age and wear, linen just gets softer and softer, so your skin is in for a treat.

If all of the above doesn’t help you rest easy, then maybe the sustainability credentials of linen will. Every part of the flax plant can be used in the production of linen, so there is zero wastage. It is a high yield rotation crop, farmed naturally (little to no pesticides and no GMO) in small batches, grown with just rainwater. Not bad for a good night’s sleep.



Our top Piglet picks for summer:

  • On the steamiest of nights (weather-wise!) sleep under this simple flat linen sheet.
  • Our cami pajama range is perfect for when you want a barely-there feel to your sleepwear.
  • For those who still like a bit of coverage at night, our pajama shorts set will keep you cool and still presentable for breakfast with the in-laws.


For more details on the properties of linen and why we love it, please visit the FAQ page on our website. 

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