In Bed With...Interior Stylist & TV Presenter, Maxine Brady

In Bed With...Interior Stylist & TV Presenter, Maxine Brady

Interior stylist Maxine Brady is a creative force in the world of home décor, and has spent the past 20 years with a single aim  - to bring joy to the home. You may have spotted her styling work on magazine covers of leading home décor titles, as well as on TV shows and large events. She’s a TV presenter, art director, interior designer, writes a multi-award winning lifestyle blog called and runs her Instagram account @maxinebradystyling. She shares her peppermint terrace house in Brighton with her fluffy dog Teddy.



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Are you a morning lark or a night owl?

In summer I'm an early morning person. I aim to get up and out either for a sea swim (a new hobby of mine!) or to enjoy breakfast in my garden. In the winter, I slow down and I love nothing more than snuggling up in bed with my dog by my side and a good book. 


What is your ideal morning routine?

I like to hit the gym first thing as it sets me up for the day. Then I make a big breakfast and have a cuppa in my garden or catch up on Instagram. I get all my domestic chores done first thing, then start work at 10am. As I work from home, I've set myself strong boundaries to make sure that work and home don't cross over! By mid morning, I've checked all my emails, written a few features, booked photographers in for shoots and then around lunchtime, I head out for a quick walk with the dog. 



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What does your bedroom mean to you: a place of calm and rest, or a space for you to showcase your style and personality?

A bit of both! My bedroom is a very calm space. During lockdown, I decided to give my bedroom an overhaul. I had a vintage bed which was so pretty but not very practical. I now have a beautiful ottoman bed that I can store all my props in for shoots. I had huge fitted wardrobes installed that doubled the space for all my clothes (and I have a lot of clothes). To inject colour and pattern, I went for a coral wallpaper above the bed to complement the white walls. Most recently, I painted a wall pink for a POP! of colours. As the bedroom is north facing, I've made sure there is really good lighting in the room with an art deco inspired wall light. Now it is complete, I love getting ready in there for a night out. The dog will sit on the bed and watch me put my makeup on (I think he knows when I'm heading out with friends).  


Tell us about what it is that you do for a living?

For my day job, I'm an interior stylist for magazines creating cover shoots both here in the UK and abroad. More recently, I've been working as a TV presenter hosting a Channel prime time show sharing all my styling tips & advice.  My side hustle is my award winning lifestyle blog called - and I'm very active on Instagram @maxinebradystyling which keeps me out of trouble! I love sharing my styling ideas and tips on socials.

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What are your top three tips for styling a bedroom?

  1. Go for a bed as big as you can fit in your room (the bigger the bed, the better your sleep). And then dress with a fluffy duvet and soft-to-the-touch linens. I have never slept so well as under the Burnt Orange Piglet in Bed linen sheets which are so cosy, especially for this time of year.


  1. Storage - keep clutter at bay with lots of simple storage solutions. Put your hairdryer in a pretty basket so the wires don't trail all over your room. Go for a roomy wardrobe (make sure you invest in matching slim line hangers so you can fit all your clothes in). A bedside table with a drawer is always a must to keep your night stand fuss-free. Ottoman bed to tuck away seasonal clothing and extra linens & pillows. Keeping your room clutter free will turn your bedroom into a calm and relaxing space.


  1. Good practical lighting. You'll need direct lighting for getting ready in the mornings. Then a softer lamp for when you want to read in bed. And an overhead pendant for when you need to tidy the space. Dot lamps around your bedroom, like on your dressing table or mantle for a welcoming glow.    


Last but not least: comfy loungewear or all dressed up?

Weekdays are ALL about the loungewear - and the weekends are for sequins!

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