DIY Linen Christmas Stockings

How To Make Your Own Linen Christmas Stockings

With just over a week to go until the big day, it’s time to prepare all of the final trimmings. We personally love a craft project at Christmas time, whether it’s something you like to do on your own or with the family - a craft project can help provide a moment’s stillness amongst the madness (unless it goes wrong, of course). 

We had a few faulty linen sheets lying around our warehouse, and our extremely talented, resident sewing guru Liz, came up with the wonderful idea of upcycling them into some stockings for Christmas. And because sharing is caring, we’re delighted to share her process with you so you can have a go at doing the same.

Now obviously we do not recommend you use your beautiful Piglet in Bed sheets for this one (no seriously, please don’t), but you’ll just need a small supply of linen from your local fabric store. In order to create some beautifully rustic and minimal linen Christmas stockings that will last you for many winters to come, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Cut out a pair of stocking shapes from a section of linen
  • As this is purely decorative, we have cut the binding (sewn up edge) from the sheet to use later to make the hanging loops.
  • Cut a strip of contrasting linen for the piping - we’ve used a bright orange sheet that was dyed incorrectly (in order to be sustainable) but you can choose whatever color you like. The strip should be just over double the width of the stocking fabric.  
  • Iron the strip in half lengthways.
  • Cut a piece of fabric as wide as you want the turnover to be.  Stitch the contrasting fabric (orange in our case) to this piece of cut-out fabric which will be the turn over.
  • Stitch the straight sides/backs of the two stocking shapes together (see pic below) - then close them like a book to make one stocking shape.
  • Trim off the excess contrasting fabric (orange in our case) and then sew up to make a circle which matches the diameter of the top of the main stocking.
  • With the stocking now folded in the correct way, put the turnover inside so that the flap of the turnover is against the inside of the stocking.  Stitch around the top, fold the turnover out and topstitch, adding the loop as you go.
  • Iron, fill, et voila!

If you have a go at creating your own, then please do tag us in your designs on Instagram @pigletinbed: we'd love to see them!

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