All About Our Cotton Collection

All About Our Cotton Collection

We started Piglet in Bed with a small linen bedding range, with the focus always on quality and comfort. As we’ve grown (so many colours!), these two pillars remain at the forefront of every new item and new natural material we add to our collection: linen was our first love but by no means our last. 

The time has come to add cotton bedding to the Piglet in Bed family! We took our time over this, wanting to make sure that the cotton we used was sourced responsibly and of the highest quality. The result is a colourful range of duvets covers, sheets and pillowcases all made from 100% washed cotton percale. What to know more? Read on!

What is in the new cotton collection?

Our cotton bedding collection is made up of a washed cotton percale range and a seersucker range. You can mix and match the colours and fabrics to your heart’s delight with our on-site Bundle Builder and we can’t wait to see how you style your colours! In addition, we have cotton cushion covers and throws, designed to complement the bedding range (or just to look great by themselves!). 

Tell us more about the cotton please

All of the cotton in our cotton bedding range (as well as in our towels) is sourced in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative, the world’s leading sustainability initiative for cotton. Their aim is to help cotton communities thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. 

Our cotton bedding is made in a facility accredited to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

What is cotton percale and why will I love it?

Piglet in Bed's cotton bedding in Apple and White (left) and Cafe au Lait and White (right)

Cotton percale (or percale cotton, as it is also known) is simply the name of the weave used to make this type of cotton sheet. It is woven with one thread over, one thread under. It produces a smooth, matte finish with no sheen to it. The feel is cool to the touch and highly luxurious, especially when made, as ours is, with long cotton fibres of high quality cotton. 

Thanks to the weave and the long fibres, the result is wonderfully breathable and comfortable sheets, especially when they are pre-washed for extra softness as ours are. At Piglet, we like to think that cotton percale is the linen’s cotton cousin: so many similar qualities but that little bit easier on the wallet. Our sheets are 200 thread count and if you want to know why that is more than enough, check out our post on debunking the thread count myth.  

What is seersucker?

Piglet in Bed's Cotton Seersucker collection in Sky Blue (left) and Salt Pink (right)

Seersucker is a puckered fabric that is created by weaving the cotton on twin looms at different speeds. It creates a wonderfully undulating, textured material that falls naturally over your bed resulting in a comfy, relaxed look. Our seersucker bedding is loosely puckered so it is still soft to the touch while keeping the textured look we love so much. The sheets and undersides of the duvet covers and pillowcases are smooth cotton percale, for extra comfort when you sleep. 

How to care for your cotton bedding?

Caring for your cotton bedding could not be easier! Simply wash on a warm wash then air or tumble dry. At Piglet we feel that life is too short for ironing so if you do want smooth sheets, the best way would be to give them a good shake after they come out of the washing machine, then hang them up carefully to dry rather than tumble drying. Treat any stains quickly with a stain remover and launder as soon as possible.

We hope this answers your questions and that you love our cotton bedding range as much as we do!

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