5 Reasons to Snuggle into Linen Bedding this Winter

5 Reasons to Snuggle into Linen Bedding this Winter

Often seen as a material for the summer months given its breathability and floaty feel, linen is in fact winter’s unsung hero. Here to debunk the myth that linen is exclusively a summertime fabric, let’s jump into why linen’s natural properties make it the ideal all-year-rounder and why it ought to be your bedtime bestie this winter.   

1. Regulates Body Temperature  

Linen is a temperature-regulating natural insulator. It adapts to different temperatures and humidity levels, so keeps your body cool or warm depending on the season. Come winter, when the external temperatures are super chilly, linen bedding and linen sleepwear will keep you cozy and comfortable, which will decrease any hot disturbances whilst you sleep.  

2. Free-Flowing   

Despite its insulating abilities, linen’s long natural fibres allow air to circulate through the material so you will never feel stuffy or overheat as you snooze.  

Above left: Taupe Plaid Linen Bedding, Right: Berry Plaid Linen Bedding

3. Made to Last   

Linen is a highly durable fabric and when cared for properly, can last for many years making it an excellent long-term investment. Caring for linen isn’t high maintenance, but there are certainly some key tips when it comes to looking after your lovely linen bedding. You can read our care tips just here!

Linen is pretty resistant to friction and rubbing without showing excessive signs of wear – good news for wriggly sleepers! 

4. Ages Like Fine Wine  

Linen only becomes softer and more comfortable with each wash and over time, develops a luxurious, lived-in feel that is so inviting during the winter. Our latest collection: 'Weekends at the cabin' is a cabincore-inspired collection, perfect if you wish to create a super cozy aesthetic, full of plaidsflannel cottons and cabin wool blankets

There is nothing better than crawling into super soft linen sheets, cozy pjs and woolen socks on a chilly winter’s night. And even better if you’ve pre-heated your bed with a hot water bottle too!  

Linen bedding & Hot Water BottleAbove left: Sage Green Linen Bedding Right: Evergreen Merino Wool Hot Water Bottle (coming soon) & Deep Teal Cabin Wool Blanket 

5. Wicks Away Sweat   

Good news for hot sleepers: linen has excellent moisture-wicking properties. If you’re someone who suffers from the night sweats all year round, linen will wick the sweat away from your skin, without leaving any stains on the material.  

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