New Home Starter Kit

New Home Starter Kit

I’m not sure there are many things more exciting than getting your own place. Finally, you have ownership over the smallest of details and the final say on the big decisions too; it really is the start of an exciting chapter. The time has come for you to decide which way your loo roll faces,  load the dishwasher without it being rearranged shortly after, and if your dinner plans change spontaneously, you’re not breaking hearts. I’m definitely not projecting any of my personal gripes here whatsoever…

If you find yourself in the wonderful position of moving into your own space or perhaps a loved one is flying the nest, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces we know will go down a storm. After all, there is so much to consider when filling a new space but our range of natural homewares and fabrics will make a welcome addition to any new home. 

Let’s start with the basics. We all need a sanctuary to return to after the chaos of a busy day. We know that the world seems a little brighter after a good night's rest and to ensure your bed is as comfortable as possible, you need a good foundation. 

1. Merino Wool Inserts

We have a wonderful range of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers. Each is filled with 100% merino wool and encased in 100% cotton, helping to regulate your body temperature and aid a night of deep, restful sleep. So before we go any further, ensure your bedding feels cloud-like and supportive. These fabrics are all-year-round wonders, keeping you nice and cozy in the winter, and keep you cool come summertime. 

2. Bed Linen

Step one is complete. And now for the fun part - choosing the right bed linen! We have both linen and cotton options available and much like our merino wool inserts, both of our bedding fabrics are thermo-regulating. We have over 32 color options across the collections, so there really is something for all. We have a bundle-builder function which allows ample flexibility when choosing the right fabric and color option. You can choose a complete mix of pillows, duvets and fitted and flat sheets, depending on your preference and décor. And of course, our items are available as separates, so if you want to give your bedroom a seasonal update or refresh, a simple pillowcase change is just the trick! 

The wonderful thing about our color options is that they are a collection of soft neutrals, muted stripes or trans-seasonal shades, so whatever the time of year or bedroom décor you’ve chosen, our bed linen will see you through and only gets better with time. 

3. Final Flourishes

Your bed is set with marshmallow-like bedding and you’ve chosen the perfect colorway for your bedroom, now for adding texture. With these chillier nights, blankets and throws are non-negotiable; we have several textural options, depending on your chosen look. From merino wool blankets in checks, stripes and gingham, or wadded quilts to layer over the whole bed, there is an option for every bedtime look.

Blankets and quilts make for a perfect gift for a new home-owner or those who’ve just moved out - you can never have too many blankets in your home. Perfect for draping over a sofa to snuggle into watching a movie, or pulling over another layer whilst you sleep - you can be sure if you’re gifting a blanket, it’ll be very well received. 

Cushions and pillow shams are another great way to spruce and update your bedroom. When you first move out, it's likely you don’t have everything you’re after, the moment you’ve unboxed your possessions. So making your bedroom really cozy as quickly as possible is really important to establish a place of calm whilst you settle in - so get blankets and cushions on the list.

4. Bathroom

Your bathroom is a key player when it comes to making your new space feel comfortable. After a really good scrub when you first move in, adding little touches like candles and plants are a quick and cost effective way to make you feel at ease. 

No matter the state of your bathroom when you’ve just moved it, whether it's super flash and needs no work or in time needs a complete re-fit, towels are a must. We have a beautiful range of 100% cotton towels, made in Portugal. We have 9 color options, 4 different sizes and bath mats too. So you can choose a selection of colors, or stick to one across your collection. They’re super plush and highly absorbent, so no matter which suits your new bathroom most, each is cocoon-worthy and soft to the touch. 

Our color options are inspired by nature and evoke feelings of sanctuary and bliss, so when you kit out your new bathroom, ensure our towels are on your list. If you’re buying for a new homeowner, towels are a great gift option too - one can never have enough towels and much like our bedding, our color options make the perfect addition to any bathroom. 

5. Kitchen and Dining

We're advocates for elevating everyday rituals. After easing yourself out of your beautiful bedding, pop the kettle on and fix yourself a brew. There’s nothing better than a steaming cup of tea or coffee, first thing in the morning especially if you’ve got a little garden to look out over and watch the world wake up. 

Wherever possible, breakfast should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, sat at a beautifully set table. Our table linens make a great addition to a new kitchen or dining table for the feasts that will follow. Our tablecloths and runners instantly refresh any dining space and bring texture and color. Runners are especially low maintenance, but add a real focal point to your table - perfect for those who love an elevated space but perhaps more likely to splatter their food! 

Our range extends to napkins and placemats and are available in soft plain linens, muted stripes and our iconic gingham print - a great gift option for new homeowners! 


We hope our collections inspire you to fill your new home with natural fabrics and materials that will last you for years to come, and will only get better with time and love. After all, we spend a huge percentage of our lives at home, so make sure yours is your haven. 


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