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The Ultimate Cheese Plate

Savoured with friends and family over a glass of white and sparkling conversation or devoured in pjs whilst enjoying a Netflix documentary, a good cheese plate is truly a thing of beauty.

Here is Piglet's guide to creating the ultimate effortlessly beautiful and deliciously scrumptious cheese plate. Although lets face it, you never need an excuse for cheese.

Step 1- the plate

Start off with a large flat serving vessel. A wooden board, platter or even slate tiles work well as long as they are sizeable- you’re going to want plenty of space for all the yummy components.

Step 2- the cheesy

Time for the fun part- the cheese. We recommend going for a variety of flavours and textures and have chosen manchego for the nuttiness, brie for something soft and gooey and a cheddar to add sharpness. Plating the whole wedge is nice but smaller crumbled bits are also great. Feel free to experiment with flavour combinations or why not try a selection of your local cheeses?

Step 3- the sweet 

Now we add complimentary ingredients. Place these in batches in  and around the cheese to begin building up your platter. Noreen (our head cheese plate designer) started off with fruit (for health reasons you know ...) Figs and orchard fruits are all great accessible options. We’ve gone with red grapes and green strawberries which are placed flowing downwards. Keeping the stems and halving some of the strawberries adds some oomph!


Step 4- the savoury

Next comes the savoury,salty components. We’ve used a tumbling heap beautiful green olives in the centre of the plate for glass and saltiness and some finely slice pickled turnips for a colourful and zingy kick. However, any snacky pickles would work here to add a sour note to the proceedings.

Step 5- the finishing touches

Fill any remaining gaps with nibbles. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are perfect for this. We’ve used walnuts, almonds and golden raisins. Garnish with a few sprigs of thyme for that certain somethin’ somethin’. 

Step 6 - the eating

Get stuck in immediately. You can always whip up another one before your guests arrive...

Bon appétit!

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