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The Joy of Rainy Summer Walks

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” said author and fell walker Alfred Wainwright. Of course, everyone loves getting outside when it’s sunny. However, if you live in the UK then you’re at the mercy of the inconsistent nature of the British weather. In our opinion there’s definitely something to be said for a good walk in wet weather. 


You can tackle anything from a bit of misty drizzle to a full-on downpour if you’re kitted out properly with waterproof clothing and a good pair of wellies. (Top tip: waterproof trousers make a huge difference when it’s tipping it down!)

I’ll admit that I find a childish pleasure in having a good old splash through some muddy puddles – don’t you? Pretend it’s for the kids, or the dog, or else just own it and splosh about in some puddles for your own enjoyment!

With fewer people around than on a sunny day, you may well spot some birds and animals that you wouldn’t see otherwise. And the few people you pass on your route are likely to give you a friendly smile. 


If you have a dog, you’ll know that a muddy dog is a happy dog. And whether we’re talking about dogs, children or adults, a bit of exercise does the world of good. Leaving the stuffy indoors for a great lungful of fresh air and a stomp across some muddy fields will get your blood pumping and lift your spirits. You’ll come back home with rosy cheeks, filled with those mood-enhancing endorphins and a sense of achievement.


My favourite way to perk up a rainy walk is to bring a small flask of tea, or hot chocolate. There’s something wonderful about stopping and taking a moment to enjoy a steaming hot drink mid-walk. 

And once you get home and dry yourself off, it’s time to snuggle down on the sofa, or even into bed, for a bit of well-earned relaxation.


Copy by Camilla Artault

Photos by @burnttoastdesigns 

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