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The Back to School Feels...

Photo by Julia Kicova on Unsplash

An orange leaf fluttered down from a tree yesterday in front of me. Autumn, waving its first greeting of the season. I was outraged. Autumn leaves? Whatever next, the smell of bonfire? Conker's underfoot, bursting out of their spiky shells? Browsing long knitted scarves on the internet? I must protest! We’ve had the barbecue out twice this summer, twice! We didn’t even bother blowing up the paddling pool and my iced coffee intake dropped to concerning and unprecedented levels.   


And yet here we are, September looming large ahead. You don’t need to still be at school for that Back to School feeling to hit. With a lot of businesses asking their employees to come back to the office after over a year of working from home, the memories of the daily commute are becoming a fast new reality. Meetings are being scheduled with titles like "2022 pipeline planning session" and someone asked me the other day what my plans for Christmas are. 


However, it’s not all doom and gloom, September is also the advent of fresh starts. Forget January, with its pressured resolutions and Sunday supplements full of diets and workout routines, September is the real “new beginning”, ingrained in us from childhood. We’ve compiled a list of some of the positives of starting afresh in September, even it if is without the tan lines this year. 

  • School is back on. Sorry kids, the days of telly, non-stop snack demands and “being bored” are over for another summer. Hear that unfamiliar sound? It’s blissful, blissful silence.
  • The opportunity to get organised: it’s time to write some lists. All those little projects that you want to get done around the house? Write them down. Meal planning? Write a list. Need a list for your lists? Perfectly understandable. I always treat myself to a new diary or planner every September, for the ultimate fresh start feel.
  • New season clothes. The season of layering is nearly upon us which means that those dreams of walking around in a chic raincoat and pulling off that felt hat you-bought-five-years-ago-but-haven’t-been-brave-enough-to-wear are about to become a reality. If you own a sweater-vest, your small window in which to wear it is here.
  • An opportunity for fresh sheets and new pyjamas. Start the first day of September off the right way. Now that all of Piglet’s bedding is available in all the colours, it’s an opportunity to switch up your bedroom for autumn. Don’t forget that Piglet’s linen pyjamas are available for kids too: a great start to a new term.


Wishing you a happy and productive start to the REAL new year from the whole Piglet team.

By Rebecca Bormann


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