Piglet in Bed is Carbon Neutral for 2020!

Piglet in Bed is Carbon Neutral for 2020!

We are very excited to announce that Piglet in Bed is carbon neutral for 2020! Never has it been more important to take action on our climate crisis and to implement changes for the better. At Piglet in Bed, this is something we strive to achieve every day, both as a business and on behalf of our customers, as responsible consumers. Our 2020 carbon footprint was offset with the help of BeZero Carbon and we’d love to explain a little bit more about what that actually means. 

How do you find out what your carbon footprint is?

BeZero Carbon is a climate solutions company that calculated  our carbon footprint for 2020. They did this through a full product  Life Cycle Assessment of Linen, which takes into account full carbon emissions for a product, from acquiring the raw materials that go into our products, to producing them, storing them, transporting them and beyond. Linen is grown in a highly sustainable manner, with zero waste and no additional irrigation requirements. However, even the most sustainably produced and sourced materials have a carbon footprint. Analyzing our product life cycle assessment, and our operational footprint, enabled us to not only offset our emissions , but to also identify areas where we could reduce them. To learn more on the sustainable benefits of linen, check out our All About Linen post. 

How do we offset it?

Now that it’s been quantified, the next step is to then offset your footprint by the same amount. This means contributing to  quality carbon projects, such as (in our case) deforestation prevention in Colombia, peatland protection and restoration in Indonesia and waste methane avoidance in India. 

What’s next?

Carbon neutrality is just one building block of a larger effort to tread as softly as possible on the planet. We will be using the information gathered by BeZero Carbon to work out ways that we can continue to work towards lowering our carbon emissions further. 

We are committed to ensuring that Piglet in Bed continues to have a neutral impact on our planet, so that you can sleep easy in your bedding, knowing that you made a sustainable choice for your home. 

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