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Introducing the 'New Neutrals' from Lick

The New Neutrals: 2021's rising colour trend

At Piglet we are all about warm, cosy spaces that reflect the outdoors and were curious to know the best way to go about this when decorating our homes. We asked our friends at Lick, the experts in everything decorating and colour, for some helpful advice...

How and why you should be using them in your home.

It will come as no surprise that after the year that's been, 2021's biggest colour trend is all about creating a calming space at home. "With grown-up pinks leading the way, it is no wonder we have seen a growing trend in muted tones as a neutral base for many design schemes," says Vanessa Agyemang, one of Lick's top colour consultants. With a focus on natural palettes and earthy tones, organic textures and tactile furnishings, the new neutrals are soft and soothing, bringing the outdoors in and creating a cocoon-like space.


There’s a lot of crossover with the recent Japandi trend, another of our favourite styles. So, if you’re after a clean and contemporary look, yet without the austerity of white or grey, then the new neutrals might just be your new best friend. They allow you to inject a bit of colour into your home without committing to anything too daunting. All about warmth, harmony, and comfort, they're a splash of colour in an otherwise timeless look, not to mention a great way to decorate on a budget.


How to use the new neutrals in your home.


With neutrals, it's all about layering and creating texture. The good news is, you don't have to pick one colour and stick with it. These palettes are natural and gentle, with similar earthy undertones, so you can use several throughout your house and feel confident that they'll work together. If in doubt, Beige 01 and Beige 02 always go well with White 02, whilst Beige 03 and Beige 01, Greige 01 and Greige 02 pair gorgeously with almost all of our greens. What's more, they provide the perfect backdrop for your furnishings, so you can layer with a bright rug, eye-catching artwork, or vibrant accent cushions. Oh, and did we mention plants? All about borrowing from the natural world, new neutrals pair perfectly with all your indoor plant pets.


What would we recommend?


To begin, as ever, with choosing a new room colour, consider its lighting and orientation. Beige has got a bad name for itself over the years. Yet, with a warmness that whites and greys lack and without the yellowness of cream, we're here to make a case for it. If you're committed to grey, why not try a greige, a marriage made in heaven between the two. Or if you can't step away from white, our White 06 has subtle, warm pink undertones. If you're looking to add some colour to your home but aren't sure how, according to Vanessa, "as an alternative to neutrals, the most popular colours we're seeing at the moment are pink and green". So, if tempted to go pink but want to avoid your home resembling a Barbie house, try our Pink 01 – basically a hug in a paint can. Or if you're going to go a bit bolder, Green 01 is a gorgeous nature-inspired midway colour (see below).


So, whatever you're looking to do, 2021's latest colour trend is all about making your home your own. Whether you want to ramp it up or tone things down, there's a new neutral for you.



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