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Beautiful Juice

Juice fasting has been doing the rounds in the health and wellness communities for a while now with fans lauding it as a good way to detox and hit the reset button. On the other hand, there are just many people saying that juicing is unnecessary and downright damaging to your body, so if you do decide to try it out in an intense way, make sure to do your research to see if it's for you. I did a 7 day juice cleanse last year. I came out of it feeling lighter, clearer headed and with a much better attitude to what I actually cram into my mouth on a daily basis. However, I was also hungry, cranky and miserable throughout it. Perhaps the lesson here is not to undertake a juice fast when there is nothing to do to distract you?

This year, I wanted to give juice another go but in a way thta was more manageable and a lot less restrictive. I opted for a less severe regiment and decided to start by adding one glass of home pressed juice each day and after almost a month, I do feel better for it! I've dropped a couple of pounds, my skin is clearer, my hair shinier and I generally feel rather positive about life. Now there is no proof that it is solely the juice that is responsible for this, but I feel like it's definitely not hurting. As well as the additional nutrients my body is getting from my fresh green juice, I found the ritual of juicing in the morning rather soothing. Prepping the vegetables, cleaning the juicer (which must be done straight away as vegetable pulp turns to an un-shiftable concrete mix at an alarming speed!) and then finally sitting down in front of the morning news to sip my juice. The ritual eases my anxieties, allows me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and set an intention for my day which I have found very helpful whilst being locked down.


Here are a few of our favourites to get you started.


Morning Green Juice

This super simple juice is lower in sugar and calories as it contains only veggies. If the taste isn't for you, try reducing the amount of celery and replacing it with a green apple which add a nice sweetness.

I use a cheap centrifugal juicer that I bought a few years back and it has served me extremely well so please rest assured that you don't need to cough up for a pricey juicer at the very start!


To make 500ml of juice

4 stalks of celery

half a cucumber

half a head of lettuce (whichever you fancy- romaine and baby gem have both worked well for me)

half a lemon, peel, pith and seeds removed

thumb-sized bit of ginger (optional)


Zingy Carrot

A lovely way to start the day, and this one comes with a seal of approval from my kids too! The beets add a lovely colour making it feel like you are drinking a glass of sunshine.

5-7 large organic carrots

1 raw beetroot

2 apples (deseeded)

1 orange (you can squeeze this by hand at the end, or peel and de-pith before putting it through your juicer)


Tropical Punch

This lovely tropical juice is a taste of summer and a real crowd-pleaser. And wait till you've tried it rum!

1 ripe pineapple

2 apples (deseeded)

couple of wedges of watermelon

half a mango

small handful of mint


Alternatively, if you're more of a smoothie person, check out our delicious blueberry breakfast smoothie recipe that will set you up for the day nicely.





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