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7 Low Maintenance House Plants

At Piglet we are big lovers of all things leafy and being in Covid-lockdown definitely made us appreciate whatever green space was available. Now that the weather is about to start cooling off, it’s time to bring the outdoors, in (if you haven’t already!).

And house plants do so much more than look pretty and make a living space look effortlessly pulled together. Research by the RHS has shown that surrounding yourself with living greenery has a host of both psychological and physical benefits which include lifting your mood, reducing stress and (according to some studies) even lowering blood pressure!

So with all this being said, we should run directly to the nearest plant-providing shop and stock up straight away, right? Well, not so fast... so many of us simply stroll in and pick up whatever seedling we find pleasing to the eye only to have it wilt and shrivel within a week. My top tip for choosing flora that will thrive is to evaluate the spot you have and go from there. Sunny and dry windowsill? Perhaps opt for a succulent such as echeveria. Dark and cool bathroom? Try the virtually un-killable snake plant.

Here are some of our favourite and most forgiving house plants that should survive even the most neglectful and black-fingered of owners (not naming any names of course)


Snake Plant


also known as St George’s Sword, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue and Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, don’t let the names scare you off as this is one hardy contender and extremely resilient. It’s happy with low light and needs very infrequent watering. If that’s not reason enough to put it at number one, it’s a great purifier which has been shown to remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Oh and in Chinese tradition it apparently bequeaths godly virtues on the person that grows it. Sign me up!



also referred to as devil’s ivy as it is almost impossible to kill! This low maintenance plant trails up to 5 metres and looks amazing dripping from shelves or draped over windows or four-poster beds. And just like the snake plant, it is fab for air purification.


Spider Plant

these used to my granny’s favourite and still rock a 70’s jungle throwback look. Spidey loves a bright room but prefers not to have direct sunlight. This stripey beauty has the additional bonus of sprouting adorable spider babies which can be easily re-potted to grow your green family.


Aloe Vera

its spikes look lovely and need barely any watering so as long as you stick this lady in a sunny spot, she’ll be good as well as being able to soothe any sunburn with its healing juice.


Rubber Plant

another current favourite amongst new plant parents. The rubber tree can definitely handle a less than devoted parental attitude- perfect for newbies.



these super trendy giants only need watering about once every 10 days (or when the soil dries out) and readily sprout new leaves during their growing season which you can then gift to friends as they propagate well. And a recent NASA study has shown that monsteras are some of the best contenders for reducing harmful air contaminants in the home.


English Ivy


this one does need to be kept moist but this is easily done with a simple glass watering spike. It can, however, adapt to any amount of light that’s thrown at it and its quick-growing tendrils look beautiful trailing along furniture.



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