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4 Habits To Add To Your Morning Routine

Photo by pariwat pannium on Unsplash

Morning can often be the most important part of the day. It can set you up for a day filled with productivity and happiness or potentially set you back if started with chaos and stress.

Establishing a healthy morning routine can be the back-bone to managing a much more calm and organized environment.  Understandably everyone’s situation is unique, maybe you have young children who have you up at the crack of dawn or perhaps you work late night shifts and your ‘morning’ is a different time to others. Instead of trying to do everything in one go, experiment with what works for you and what brings you joy and happiness, because ultimately the key is consistency, not over complications. 


We asked our trusty team of Pigleteers for their top morning habits and this is what we found.

  1. Make your bed

Although as a child making your bed might have been a chore, we have realized it can be one of those daily tasks that makes us feel good. Your space is less cluttered, it encourages healthy sleep and now you have a freshly made bed (hopefully in our cosy linen!) at the end of every day! 



  1. Movement

We’re not saying you need to wake up each morning and run 10k or complete an intense HIIT workout, movement can be whatever brings you joy. Whether it’s a yoga flow, walking your dog, dancing to your favorite tunes or something with a bit more intensity, ensuring you are doing a form of movement each day that makes you feel empowered in the mind, body and soul is not only a great way to promote overall health, the released endorphins leave you feeling energized and help promote a more productive workday.



  1. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude each day can be performed in many different ways and is a very individual process. For some it may be writing in a journal three things each day they are grateful for, others may find gratitude in praying, repeating inspirational quotes or messages, and for some it may be walking barefoot on grass to feel more grounded to the earth. A regular practice each day can help increase your appreciation for what is around you and promote positive emotions.



  1. Hydration and nourishing food

After a long sleep, our bodies can become very dehydrated overnight. Drinking a big glass of water each morning after waking can help clear that brain fog we often feel first thing, leaving you feeling much more refreshed. Accompanying this with a nourishing and delicious breakfast is the cornerstone to a morning routine. Growing up you may have been told that ‘breakfast in the most important meal of the day’ and we couldn’t agree with this more. Fuelling your body with delicious, fresh food first thing can be a therapeutic tool that encourages healthy brain function and can be a great form of self care. Some of our favourite recipes include eggs on toast, granola with fresh fruit and yogurt or a simple chia pudding, and not forgetting a classic cup of English tea or a morning cup of coffee.



Trying to adopt just one of these four habits we hope will help bring some more clarity and joy into your morning routine. We would love to hear any feedback you have and you can contact us by emailing team@pigletinbed.com

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